“Shine”: children’s event Sunday 20 February 2011 2.30 – 4.30 pm | Woking FMH

Shine - Woking Quakers children's eventThis event was organised by Susan, Margaret, Patricia and Irene. It was great fun and lived up to its name with all participants “Shining” with joy and confidence.

The afternoon was highly interactive and consisted of a story led by Patricia, but created by the 3 boys and 4 girls who attended. This was followed by craft activities, then a few precious moments of quiet visualisation.

The session ended with all (children and adults) playing musical instruments and singing along to ‘Love Shine a Light’ by Katrina and the Waves. Thanks go to all that helped, and especially to all the children who made the day a wonderful success. See PHOTOS.

23 February 2011

Jesus and the Buddha: the common ground. Workshop by Prof Geoff & Rev Bev Hunt | Saturday 1.30 pm 26 March 2011

Professor Geoff HuntEarly in 2010 Geoff Hunt gave a very well-received evening talk “The Significance of Silence in the Buddha’s Teachings “. Geoff is, amongst other things, a Buddhist Chaplain and a professor of philosophy. He is also the principal facilitator of New Buddha Way. We are pleased to report that Geoff is returning to Woking FMH, this time with his wife Bev, an Anglican Minister, both of whom have kindly agreed to lead this workshop.

Poury & Richard’s letter| 14 January 2011

Poury & Richard emailed Woking Friends a letter describing their move to Shoreham-on-Sea. Apparently they are still unboxing their possessions and, in lieu of a mainline telephone, have been making do with a mobile which “is on its last legs”. We shall miss their company at and contribution to our meeting. We wish them much happiness in their new home and the fortitude to invest in a decent mobile.

18 January 2011

On Human Folly: John Woolman play | Sunday 21 November 2010 2 pm

On Human Folly - played at Woking QuakersThis two-man play is presented at Woking FMH, after a shared lunch, by Plain Quakers theatre company. It was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2008 and then toured the country. It has also been seen in Ireland, France and the Netherlands.

On Human Folly raises difficult questions and provides a quizzical sideways look at token environmentalism. The play moves easily between the past and the present, and recounts the 1772 journey to England of John Woolman, the 18th century American Quaker, and his death in York that year. Woolman’s story is told from the perspective of two historical Quakers who might have observed his progress, Caleb Marsden a Yorkshire tradesman and Samuel Galton, an important Birmingham arms manufacturer whose family was subsequently disowned by the Quakers. Woolman worked tirelessly to abolish slavery: three generations of Galtons sold weapons to slave traders.

Talk: Bethlehem Under Seige | 4 June 2010

"Cage" containing PalestiniansWORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES ISRAEL-PALESTINE WEEK: stories and experiences from Phil Lucas, WCC Ecumenical Accompanier.
Supported by Quakers with Churches Together (Godalming & District), Justice & Peace Group, and Guildford Peace & Justice Network.

Location: Friends Meeting House, Mill Lane, Godalming

Contact: Julie Gibson: 01483 428511 Anna Seifert: 01483 414767

28 April 2010   Anna S

Harvest of Hope | 20 March 2010

LogoSinger songwriter Martin John Nicholls appeared in concert in Christ Church, Woking in aid of those living in some of the poorest communities in the world. His new show “Harvest of Hope” is a blend of songs, personal stories and inspiring images from West Africa, revealing the challenges facing the poorest communities and what we can do to be part of the solution. The evening began with an authentic and delicious Senegalese meal followed by Martin’s unforgettable cabaret.

The evening, organised by Christian Aid, was a memorable one and was well attended. Martin’s performance was powerful and captivating.

20 March 2010 Keith Keith & Frank