The Odessa Expedition | October 2009

Photo: meeting with AVP UkraineThe International Board meeting of Friends House Moscow was held in Odessa. One of the things that FHM supports is the Alternatives to Violence Project in Ukraine. Holding the meeting there enabled us to meet the people who run AVP and hear about their work.

The meeting was scheduled over a long weekend. It seemed a shame to go all that way from the UK just for a few days – and in the end it turned into a two week trip by train around various bits of eastern Europe. See our personal blog for more details.

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Pilgrimage to Santiago, Spain, 2009

On Bob in SantiagoApril 1st 2009, a friend (Peter) and I started our walk from Granada to Santiago – a distance of 750 miles. Peter wanted to raise funds for Leukaemia Research plus complete a long walk. I just wanted to achieve ‘something’ before I became too creaky.

Because the walk was for charity, Peter’s next door neighbour John – a mad Spanish speaking Welshman! – offered to drive an RV (‘recreational vehicle’) for us to stay in each night and to be chef and all-round ‘mum’. The meals he served up each night with only three gas rings were truly superb.

We finally arrived in Santiago on May 12th. Peter raised £1500 for his charity. Without John, who looked after us so well, we would not have achieved this amount.

Our journey took 42 days, 37 walking with 5 rest days – and yes, we both had blisters. For further information if contemplating this walk my e-mail is robert©robertalexander6·wanadoo·co·uk

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Quaker Voluntary Action working retreat, Sweden, 2009

In QVA working retreat, Sweden, 2009July I went on a Quaker Voluntary Action (QVA) working retreat to Sweden at Svartbacken, where we refurbished the Quaker residential centre set in beautiful countryside. We worked for the mornings and shared making meals. There were times for meditation and worship and free time for swimming in the lake or walking in the woods five minutes walk away or travelling to Uppsala or the nearby town. A wonderful time with lovely people. See the slide show.

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Woking Friends Special Collections 2009

collection-boxHere is a list of the charities our meeting has been collecting for during 2009:    Woking Shopmobility • The Brooke Hospital for Animals (The animal charity that helps people too) • ICAHD UK (Israel Committee Against House Demolition) • Friends House, Moscow • Cape Town Quaker Peace Centre • International Alert (Understanding Conflict) • Fellowship of Reconciliation • Ramallah Friends School (The Quaker International Educational Trust) • Emergency Medical Aid to Gaza • Living Witness Project (Quakers working for sustainability) • Quaker Homeless Action • Friends House Central Funds.

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